Melissa Weisz is as an actor, producer, writer and consultant with a focus on giving marginalized individuals and communities a voice. 
Melissa has appeared in shows such as "Unorthodox" and "High Maintenance" and in award-winning films such as "Felix et Meira"  and "Romeo and Juliet In yiddish" amongst others.  "Melissa made her theatre debut in 2017 playing Manke in the NYT Critic's Pick "God of vengeance". 
Melissa was honored by The Jewish Week magazine in their “36 under 36” “millennials pushing change through compassion” and was featured in Vogue’s “American women in transformation".  Melissa was the subject of NBC’s viral video about coming out after leaving her Hasidic community, as well as Them’s video “Can you be religious and queer?”

Melissa's play  “THE WOMEN”  which she co-wrote in *Yinglish will be produced by The New Yiddish rep and put up in 2021.
"THE WOMEN" takes place in the Hasidic Jewish community and explores the plight of a young mother fighting for custody of her children.  
* Yinglish- a combination of yiddish and English as spoken on the streets of borough park today 
Melissa hosts  "the forbidden apple podcast" which explores the complex relationship between queer people and religion.

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