Melissa grew up in a Hasidic community in Brooklyn.  She left her community a couple of years ago and has since discovered her passion for the theatre and the arts.  Her background gives her a unique view and perspective  which she brings to her work. 


Melissa started her acting career playing Juliet in "Romeo and Juliet in Yiddish" which premiered at Lincoln Center and won the Gerhardt Klein Audience Award in Berlin in 2011!  She has since starred in many  award winning films and shorts including " Felix and Meira", "Black Star" and "The Visit".


She Played Manke in God of vengeance  in 2016/2017 at La Mama and St Clements theatres to Rave reviews.

She's currently fiilming "Tzadeikis" playing the lead in a gender-bending role in a fantastical dark comedy by Emily Cheeger.

She is so honored to be featured in Vogue's American Women: Transformers.

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